Rhymes And Good Times

By Jack Lawrence Phillips
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Barack Barack studied a lot
back and forth to school he went
Barack Barack studied a lot
and now hes president.

Jack Lawrence Phillips welcomes readers young and old to a world of entertainment, learning, and fun in the pages of Rhymes and Good Times. Utilizing rhymes and play on words based on a girl or boys first name, this delightful book encourages positive behavior for young children.

Rhymes and Good Times is also educational, using its fun and interactive style to impart advice and teach children the difference between right and wrong:

Courtney Courtney leaves the school and then she sees a stranger Courtney Courtney goes back to school and then avoids the danger.

Jack Lawrence Phillips has created a wonderful, fanciful collection of rhymes sure to inspire both laughter and thought in youngsters. This book is sure to become an important part of your familys home library.

About the Author

A native of Tupelo, Mississippi, Jack Lawrence Phillips has lived in Zion, Illinois, for most of his life. The father one of child, Britney, his interests include snowmobiling, skiing, tractor driving, ATV riding, water parks, movies, the UFC, and the NFL. Rhymes and Good Times is his first published work.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 50