Look At Me... I'm Baxter, A Barred Owl

By Katherine Chawner Davis
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Look at Me…I’m Baxter, a Barred Owl

Look at Me…I’m Baxter, a Barred Owl follows baby owl Baxter’s adventures after he falls from his nest before he could fly and what he had to do to get off the ground to survive. It’s geared toward children of all ages and filled with photos of Baxter’s exploits: carefully climbing up a big tree and later hopping from branch to branch to strengthen his muscles for flying one day.

Baxter’s tale also helps children build self-esteem. Baxter’s Mum couldn’t help him when he fell, and he had to figure out how to climb up a tree to safety…one step at a time. He knew he could do it, his Mum knew he could do it, and he showed the doubting spectators that he could do it all by himself. It is the author’s hope that by exposing children to Baxter’s story, their natural curiosity will be sparked, which, in turn, will make them want to go outdoors and explore what is out there. It starts in their own backyard. From an early age, they will then want to protect the environment where all the beautiful creatures live.

About the Author

Wildlife photography is Katherine Chawner Davis’s passion! It enables her to be part of and record the magic of nature that surrounds us each day. She loves sharing her photos with people, and over the years she has realized that most people rarely notice what is right in front of them. Spending her childhood summers on a very small island in Maine gave her a deep love for nature. It was there that she learned to observe, love, and respect the wildlife that surrounded her. There were no TVs on the island, no stores, and the internet had not been invented. She had to make her own fun, and she spent every daylight moment outdoors. If it started to rain, she would run down to the dock so she could get “caught” in the rain! Through her photos, Davis wishes to reach out to children so that they will appreciate the importance of taking care of our environment where the birds and animals make their home, and their future depends on our help. Her goal, as a wildlife photographer, is achieved each time a person not only looks at one of her photos but is able to be with it, connecting emotionally, if even for “Just a Mere Moment.”

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 24