I Am Abel

By Deputy J. M. Froelich
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Join Abel, a remarkable, fun-loving Belgian Malinios destined for greatness, on his journey from puppyhood to Deputy Sheriff K-9. Watch as he learns the value of hard work and the true meaning of partnership. You just might learn a thing or two, too!

About the Author

Deputy J. M. Froelich, originally from near Baltimore, Maryland, spent a little over twenty years in the U.S. Army. After retiring from the Army in 2008, he joined the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office in northern New York State. He worked road patrol for three years, and when a K-9 position opened up, he interviewed for and was selected to be a member of the K-9 Unit. K-9 Abel is his second K-9 partner, and the two have been together since March of 2017. Deputy Froelich is certified by the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services as a K-9 trainer and loves working with the dogs and the other handlers.

In his spare time, Deputy Froelich enjoys family time, fishing, and playing with his K-9 partner, and he is very active in managing and coaching local youth baseball programs.

Published: 2020
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