How I Use My Kid Power At Home

By Dr. Sally Shinn
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Dr. Sally Meyer Shinn has spent a lifetime working with children of all ages and multiple circumstances. Drawing on her years of experience and learning what helps in teaching children how to learn responsibility in family life led to writing “How I Use My Kid Power at Home.” Twenty easy-to-do tasks are shown that help lighten the load on parents. Children learn pride when they know how to use their capabilities that lead to resilience and confidence in themselves on the path to successful adulthood.

About the Author

Dr. Sally Shinn has had an extensive career in education, working in schools, colleges, and juvenile delinquent settings. She supervised programs for school districts in parent education, special needs, Pre-K disabilities, social work, teen parenting, and as homeless liaison for a public school district. As executive director of an early intervention school for Pre-K students with and without disabilities for 7 years, she designed a school and outdoor learning environment. Of most significance, she is the mother of four daughters and 10 grandchildren.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 36