Grandmother's Cherry Cake

By Janice (Taylor) Peek
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In Grandmother’s Cherry Cake, Janice (Taylor) Peek shares one of her childhood memories that left a lasting impression on her life.

Peek’s grandmother said she would make cherry cake for the children – and the author and the other children were so excited.

Many lessons were learned throughout the author’s childhood. When you do not have everything you need to make an item, you should just be flexible and think outside the box! You can discover new ways to make things. It will be fun!

About the Author

Janice (Taylor) Peek was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At age twelve her family moved to Hartford, Connecticut. She has raised four children (Shaleak, Salina, Ramses, and Farrin), and now has two grandchildren (Shalayah and Kye).

After twenty-six years working at Aetna Inc, Peek retired. In Hartford, the author was affiliated with the American Red Cross, United Way of Hartford, ONE CHANGE Community Organization, and Volunteer Reading for Urban and Suburban schools in Hartford and Broadbrook, Connecticut. Peek also did an externship at the Hartford Cardiology Group. Peek greatly enjoys interacting with young people of all ages: babies, toddlers, elementary, teenagers, and young adults. She now lives in San Antonio, Texas. Peek’s hobbies are writing, playing volleyball, singing, dancing, coloring books, going to school, and playing board games.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 30