Cue's Forever Home: Rescuer Lady Jean

By Diane Yoder Bubier
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After rescuing a Clydesdale colt from an abandoned home near her, nearly two weeks later, Lady Jean receives a call that a dog is still at the residence. Without a second to waste, Cue is rescued and brought home to forever become part of Lady Jean’s family.

Is she truly rescued though? Will the ranch truly be Cue’s forever home, or is it too late for her on Earth?

Cue’s Forever Home deals with the ever-present problem of breeding animals as a product, based on one dog’s story of the effect of starvation and neglect, and bears a powerful message: Pets are not toys to discard.

About the Author

Diane Yoder Bubier has always believed Jeremiah 29:11 applies to her, in that God has a plan for her life. She found early on many things not planned for her, such as drawing beautiful pictures or building sturdy structures; nor would she be a great athlete or amazing physician.

However, she was given a great love for animals and the ability to paint a picture with words, and over the years, friends would ask for the Reader’s Digest “condensed” versions of some of her stories.

Diane and her family didn’t have a lot of money growing up, but she did have one dog. Now, as an adult, she has had many animals—chickens, ducks, cows, dogs, cats, horses and more—always remembering her parents’ mantra to never own more animals than she could afford to take care of.

After retiring from the County of San Bernardino, writing and turning her 20 acres into a people/animal place of joy keeps Diane busy and fulfilled.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 52

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Steven Yoder
Cue's Forever Home

Cue's Forever Home is the second in a series about Lady Jean and Ron Bredelis who rescue animals. Diane Bubier's previous book was about a horse they rehabilitated and this one is about a nearly starved dog from the same place that was saved by them in the nick of time.