Buttons Is My Name, Counting Is My Game

By Martha Ross
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Did you ever wonder how to teach toddlers to count from one to ten the easiest way? Children ages one to three lack the attention span to imbibe learning new things easily, like counting numbers. You need a tool to help catch their attention.

Buttons Is My Name, Counting Is My Game associates numbers with rhymes that encourage positive, easy-to-remember thoughts. Each page contains big, bold numbers for easier recognition and recall. The rhymes stimulate children to proceed to the next number with an eagerness to know whats in store in the end.

Designed to combine fun with learning, this book fosters parent/ child interaction, making playtime more enjoyable and educational.

About the Author

Martha Ross was born in Vidor, Texas, and currently resides in Huntington. She is a cosmetologist and a school bus driver. She wrote this book to encourage little children to have fun while learning how to count.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 32