Brody The Love Bug

By Lori Phillips
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Brody lives in a scary place. He wants a loving home with kind humans and good food. When Brody escapes, he is alone. Will he find a safe home and someone to love?

Lori Phillips wrote this book about her own rescue dog. She saved Brody from a dog fighting ring. Brody became a loving member of her family and helps Lori rehabilitate other abused dogs. Lori wrote this book to help children understand all dogs are sensitive and loving creatures.

About the Author

Author Lori Phillips is a pet lover from childhood. She has a dog, Brody, and a cat, Sweetie, who was born with Spina bifida. Phillips is retired now and loving it, rediscovering her creative energy and is working on several other books. She published a book in 2006 titled Fort House: A Waco Portraiture which was about a historical house in Waco, Texas. Phillips is an avid karaoke fan and singer with a bachelor’s degree in social work. She likes movies, reading, and walking her dog. At this stage in her life, she really just wants to slow down and enjoy, which is what she is doing.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 34