Wild In The Southwest: A Photographic Odyssey In Canyon Country

By Brett Nelson
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Wild in the Southwest is the fruit of Brett Nelson’s passions for hiking, backpacking, and photography in New Mexico and the Four Corners area for more than 25 years. It focuses on the country of the Colorado Plateau that Edward Abbey wrote so engagingly about — the area drained by the Colorado River and its tributary rivers, creeks, and intermittent streams in Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico.

Inside are 172 full color photographs accompanied by commentary that identifies and describes the locations, explains some geologic and historical background, provides information about how to reach places featured, and shares anecdotal material from the author’s experiences on the many journeys he’s made throughout the fascinating place called the Colorado Plateau.

Wild in the Southwest is not a thorough survey of all the vast reaches of the Colorado Plateau. That would take lifetimes to explore fully. It’s rather a visual and verbal account of the author’s travels to the places there that have attracted him the most, from a photographer who has loved the adventure of exploring this amazing territory and the art and process of capturing its beauty. It’s his love song to canyon country.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 220