The Shitty Mammal

By Richard Civita
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Homo Sapiens and their behavior. How we act in a totally destructive, noncommunal manner and have been doing so an entire thirty-five thousand years on this planet Gaia. It unequivocally shows we must change; we must question continuously and reinvent forms of democracy and capitalism, while respecting Mother Nature. It is time for each of us to be a participant in this change instead of a bystander, and fight to reduce the global population to keep the planet stable. Author Richard Civita dives into the changes we must make if we are to keep our wonderful planet alive. We must reduce our cities’ populations, return to a vegan diet, and, perhaps hardest of all, become un-egotistical beings.

About the Author

Richard Civita is the proud father to four sons and two daughters and grandfather to twelve grandchildren. He resides in Aiken, South Carolina.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 430