Drivers Home

By Tony Pollock
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Starting out as short story written in high school, Tony Pollock brings a tale of good overcoming evil. Sandra, a queen, must fight an evil prince trying to steal her precious kingdom. The story of Queen Sandra shows that there is always hope for those who stay true to their beliefs.

About the Author

Tony Pollock was born in 1956 and raised in California; he was third of four siblings. His parents worked as migrant farm worker, having fled the dust bowl, moving constantly and getting an education in life on the road.

Tony spent three years in the United States Army, stationed in Germany during the Cold War, experiencing things few ever do and interacting with people from Western Europe, a highlight for a young man, making friend that are friends to this day.

Tony Pollock is a father of two and a grandfather of four. He spends most of his time in Arizona running a construction company. He is an avid outdoors man that loves backpacking and a motorcycle enthusiast.

Published: 2020
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