A Soul For Sale

By Chris Linton
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On March 31st, 1972, Christopher St. George was born to hardworking parents in a small farming community in southern Minnesota. After high school he joined the United States Marine Corps, went to boot camp and, immediately after, to officer training. Life was good. Then he was ordered to war.

After being deployed to foreign land after foreign land, he had had enough. He could no longer fight for something he didn't absolutely believe in. He was done. Instead of remaining back at base barking out orders via radio while others fought and died, he led his men into battle. Christopher St. George died that day. He was 35 years old. John Nolan was born.

A Soul for Sale depicts the life of this man. To get there he traveled a long hard road, and now is the time for this journey to end so he can begin the next one.

About the Author

Chris Linton is a truck driver by profession and enjoys anything dealing with nature. He currently lives in Omaha, Nebraska.

Published: 2020
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