When Cancer Visits

By Manuela Kogon
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Reading When Cancer Visits, you feel welcomed into the writing and directly spoken to. Dr. Kogon presents a generosity of information in a digestible way. Her book is a breath of fresh air that adds depth and nuance to conventional approaches. Her scholarly authority paired with practical advice will guide and accompany you through the distress of cancer in a deeply caring way.

Richard Szuster, MD, University of Hawaii at Manoa, psychiatrist, and author of Asclepius Revisited—Ancient Myth and 21st-Century Psychedelic

Brain health is a critical but neglected aspect of cancer care. Dr. Kogon has provided a clear, actionable, and inspirational path to elevated brain health and well-being during the cancer experience. I can’t wait to put this book into the hands of the patients I work with. 

Shelli Kesler, PhD, University of Texas at Austin, cognitive neuroscientist, and author of Improving Cognitive Function After Cancer

As the wise and compassionate double Dr. (internist and psychiatrist) Kogon says, “you do not have to get lost in the emotional jungle of cancer.” Not with her as your guide. She has distilled her career of treating the minds and bodies of hundreds of people struggling to live with cancer. Knowledge is power, and she shares both with her patients, and now, with you, her readers. She teaches you how to come alive even as you face the threat of dying. With her wry and penetrating sense of humor, she normalizes the worst by teaching you how to do your best. Enjoy your trip through and out of the jungle. 

David Spiegel, MD, Stanford University School of Medicine, psychiatrist, and author of Living Beyond Limits

Cancer turns your world and that of your loved ones upside-down. With the rise of cancer cases and recent dramatic advances in treatment, millions of patients are living with cancer-related and treatment-related distress. Dr. Kogon offers a unique individualized approach to handling cancer distress. Her guide will serve as your companion on your cancer journey, bringing light, understanding, and meaning to this elusive space, and getting you through cancer emotionally intact.

About the Author

Manuela Kogon is an integrative medicine internist in private practice and a clinical professor at Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr. Kogon has devoted her life to patients in distress and has helped them connect to their innate ability to heal.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32