The Authentic Attorney

By Stephen A. Hnat
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This book explains the psychology and the techniques used by the most successful trial attorneys of our generation. It provides real trial applications of the techniques and the theory underlying how those techniques are successful so that readers can adapt the techniques to their own personality.

Most books on trial work provide suggestions on trial techniques or "tricks of the trade," but this book provides an understanding of the principles underlying successful trial methods.

Stephen A. Hnat was born in Detroit, Michigan, where he currently resides and has an independent practice. He is the father of five children, a Viet Nam Era veteran, and a cancer survivor. Hnat has academic degrees in Statistical Analysis, Social Work and in Psychology and is currently earning a degree in Theoretical Physics. He has participated in many high-profile cases and has contributed to nearly one billion dollars in verdicts, including record money verdicts in seven States. 

Ven Johnson has been representing clients against insurance companies, corporations and government in State and Federal Courts for over 35 years. Johnson Law PLC has offices located in Detroit and Flint, MI. and has achieved numerous multi-million dollar verdicts for his clients.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32