Legal Rape: Institutional Racism Covered... But Not Silenced

By Dorothy Wyche-Jones
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The termination experience had a purpose in disturbing my employment history. Perhaps, the sole purpose of the experience is this bookfor healing.

Several students in GA and NJ upon encounter, already are disadvantaged without adequate support systems. Parents are often overwhelmed by inflation and financially unprepared with no clue of the difficulties ahead.

Hopefully, by reading this case study, students will grasp the level of difficulty sometimes thrown in the pathway to knock one out of the game of life. But with adequate preparation, established goals, and the will to focus on the prize, time and patience may enable and result in some form of reality toward success. In life, we all have hills and valleys to climb.

Youth need support, inspiration, and encouragement of their beliefs, dreams, and aspirations.

To properly serve humanity, one must build a foundation of truth based on the application of eternal laws versus man-made laws. Furthermore What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow man. This is the entire law; all the rest is commentary.

About the Author

Dorothy Wyche-Jones personality and mindset have been shaped by all of her experiences, but the shared experiences of joy and sorrow endured by her mother have impacted her the most. Her beloved mother persevered, thrived, and evolved through prayer and meditation from the loss of her first fruit, full-term stillborn male twins, in addition to the loss of her beloved husband, Dorothys father.

Nine days after turning sixteen, graduation from high school took place. In total numbness with no clue as to what to strive for or expect out of life, Dorothy enrolled in college and continued viewing life through a limited vision and narrow perception of the world. Yet somehow in the world of work: employers, employees, and acquaintances were all measured by the commitment of her father. The shocking awareness, in 1989 and 1990, that man-made laws are sometimes unethical heightened her desire toward a more spiritual and guided walk with God for the duration of her life. The extreme fear of working for an unethical system still exists due to a deep ingrained desire for enjoyment and a peaceful existence, void of causing or inflicting pain and suffering on another human being. Thus far, choices and decisions made have not led to or caused anyone to self-destruct.

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Published: 2017
Page Count: 414