Pronouncing Action Analysis Of American English

By Zeng Zhaojue
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American moms and British grannies are doing a wonderful job teaching their children and grandchildren how to speak the English language in a simple, easy, and discriminable way. However, for the foreign child who has learned to speak English using the Phonetic English System, the task is arduous. He or she does not have the ability to pronounce a word by the imitation of its pronouncing actions and by following its letters (the American mom and British granny way); therefore, he or she never speaks easy English.

Pronouncing Action Analysis of American English is a systematic analysis of the pronouncing actions of mother-speaking English. It is also a how-to guide to help nonnative speakers speak English more easily, as Zhaojue provides plenty of practice words, with clear and detailed instructions, which set readers on their way to speaking Englishwith less stress.

About the Author

Zeng Zhaojue, Ph.D., is a native of China who now resides with his wife in Hawthorne, California. He and his wife, Liu Bao Zen, have two children: Shan Zeng and Luo Zeng. Zhaojue is a retired businessman and professor. For twenty-two years, he taught physics at The University of Jrayin.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 68