Geographical Origin Of Language: The End Of Place Name Mystery

By Muharem Crabregu
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Geographical Origin of Language: The End of Place Name Mystery offers a detailed explanation of Geographical Alphabet and geographical generic semantics, affix, language, and grammar as a basis for understanding the significance of place names and their meanings. Muharem Crabregus studies of geographical origin of language and his discovery of the Key to the Illyrian System of Geographical Name reveal the natural consequence of the interaction between prehistoric humans and their environment, as seen in Geographical sound symbolism. This geographical verbal system represents the core of modern languages. Geographical Origin of Language: The End of Place Name Mystery is an advance of academic studies that celebrates the creativity and ingenuity of prehistoric man and serves as a means to understanding the cultural unity represented in the legacy of geographical name.

About the Author

Muharem Crabregu is a native of Kosava and studied at the University of Prishtine and the University of Zagreb, later returning as a professor at the former institution. As a Fulbright scholar, he studied computer cartography as the University of California, Santa Barbara; Salem State College; and Portland State University. The author of seven previous academic works, he is a member of the Association of American Geographers and other geographical organizations and maintains involvement with such organizations as the Fulbright Alumni Association and the Academy of Albanian Intellectuals in Science and the Arts. Mr. Crabregu currently resides in New York City and is employed as an educator with the NYBE.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 246