Let's Be Friends

By Harry M. Roper
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Let’s Be Friends follows two young children as they go about their lives and one day learn that they enjoy each other’s company. Even with all the technology we have today and the different interests of so many children, this story shows that kids can learn to be friends naturally and in-person.

About the Author

Harry M. Roper is a retired police officer for over 25 years. He is passionate about education and human services in his community and communities afar. He loves travelling, spending time with family, and riding his motorcycle. He enjoys having a cup of coffee at a unique coffee shop.

Roper is happily married with three beautiful daughters and a gorgeous granddaughter. He currently works for a university where he interacts with students for most of his day. Also, he is a member of several organizations that are community based, one of which he mentors teenage boys.

He has an Associate’s degree in criminal justice, a Bachelor of Science in workforce education and development, and a Master’s degree in business organization and security management. He is currently working on his doctorate in public administration.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 24