Ebony Arose

By Vicky J. Siegrist
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Ebony is told by her impoverished father and cruel brothers that she is unlovable. When her father threatens to kill her, she has no choice but to run away. With her dog, Scotty, she finds her way to Joel and Violet, a wealthy couple in California who treat her as if shes their own daughter.

Ebony meets Nicholas, the love of her life, and hopes to marry him without anyone discovering her sordid history. But her wicked father isnt through with her yet! Her adventures lead her to England, where Ebony finds more love, romance, and danger than she ever dreamed possible.

About the Author

Besides writing, Vicky owns and operates a special needs foster care home with her sister, Tracy. Vicky and her husband, Mike, love to fish, camp, hunt, and garden together. She has two children: Christopher, who owns a radio station, and Ann, who is an Occupational Therapist. Vicky spends her days with her granddaughter, Stephanie. They write, laugh, and have adventures together. She lives on a farm with her Maltese, Buttercup; two Pugs, Lexi and Lucy; two Shih Tzus, Pierre LaGrand and Addie, alias Bear Dog; and a fantastic mouser, Maxwell the cat. She loves life and feels she is truly blessed.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 110