Curse Of A Lady Vampire (The Final Story… The Curse Ends)

By Jo Ann Atcheson Gray
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Annania was once living an ordinary human life as a Southern belle in the 1800s, until the arrival of the mysterious and alluring Frederic. Seduced by his charms, Annania becomes wrapped into a never-ending life of blood and death, never to see the sunrise again. With her best friend Sophia, she sets forth to live her immortal life in Paris. But as the reality sets in for what is to come when Sophia’s mortal life ends, Annania disregards Fredric’s warnings and turns Sophia into a vampire as well.

With Sophia’s changing, the women soon discover the curse placed upon her. A curse Annania unknowingly transferred to her. Sophia must now find and mate and birth a baby girl. Upon the girl’s seventeenth birthday, she must choose to become a vampire . . . or all vampires before her shall cease to exist.

Jo Ann Atcheson Gray’s thrilling Curse of the Lady Vampire series now holds Annania and Sophia’s versions into one thrilling and seductive novel.

About the Author

Jo Ann Atcheson Gray always fantasized about vampires. She loves to write and enjoys a good vampire story.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 68