True, Not Everyone Is The Same

By Jamie Cox
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A young warlock named Al has left his planet to live on Earth, and all is going well for him until he gets an unpleasant visit from his sister, Katherine. Katherine, who is very powerful, does not trust humans and thinks they are all evil. She is not to be messed with. But as she spends more time on Earth, she realizes she may be wrong….

True, Not Everyone Is the Same reminds us we shouldn't judge someone until we really get to know them. We are all different and unique, and we should celebrate that uniqueness.

About the Author

Jamie Cox is a young woman who grew up in Brooklyn but was raised by West Indian parents from Grenada. She definitely loves to create; this is why she started writing. She would many times just dream of characters she made up and put them in different situations. This is why she also wants to become a producer, getting involved in productions and creating different storylines. Television and films are really her interest. She is fascinated by every detail in a production because it takes an army to create one. That's why she started acting; she gets to see behind the scenes, plus she loves playing different characters and she wants to get further in her acting career.

 When she is not writing, Jamie enjoys playing badminton, doing yoga, hiking trails, listening to music, and making her friends laugh. She does that by imitating characters and people she’s watched in movies.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 38