The Incident

By Harrison Borchard
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The Incident follows Donny Rodgers through a treacherous journey, from when he wakes up next to the dead body of another student, to when the killers find him, and beyond. It’s about a California stoner whose life is seriously upended when he unexpectedly finds himself weaving through murders, gangs, and drugs, always viewing college life from a unique perspective. In The Incident, readers will find realistic accounts of trauma and cannabis culture coming hand in hand to produce a glimpse of life not always seen, while discovering who really is behind the gruesome murders, and why.

About the Author

In addition to his love of writing, Harrison Borchard loves to read and farm. He is also fascinated by the cannabis plant and its various properties. After about a decade of working farmers markets and on and off schooling, he now spends more time with his family. Seasonally, he also assists his family in the production of pumpkins in the fall, and keeping the fields free of deer and mice when the weather is dry. Harrison Borchard hopes that his readers take away the lesson that no matter how out of hand things get, if they stay true and do the right things, the right things will eventually happen.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 150