Southern Perceptions

By C.M. Tremaine
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When Reyna Martin’s father gets a promotion that leads her family to the cornfields of Grayson County, Texas, Reyna feels her life is officially over. The town is small to say the very least—and everyone in it has the small-town mentality to go with it. That is, until she is forced to share field chores over the summer with Dalton Sinclair. He’s handsome, hard-working, and the biggest jerk she has ever met. But when Reyna accidentally stumbles across Dalton’s secret journal while working on the plantation, she soon discovers there’s a whole different guy hidden behind his egotistical façade. Unfortunately, the secret that breaks barriers and brings them together could ultimately tear them apart.

About the Author

C.M. Tremaine is a writer, dreamer, and believer. She has been an avid fan of the written word for decades and enjoys creating worlds of her own. When Tremaine isn’t reading or writing romance stories, she can be found baking, dabbling with photography, adding thrift finds to her bookshelf, or texting herself scenes and dialogue for her second novel. She’s also a proud member of Good Reads, Writers Digest, and Reddit. 

C.M. Tremaine earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas Arlington as a media and communications major and is working towards her master’s degree while she pursues her dream of becoming an established author. She also received a certification in Mental Health Counseling, which helps with her development of well-rounded characters in her writing. Several of Tremaine’s works can be seen in the Compass Literary Magazine, Wattpad, Story Jumper and She resides in Arlington, Texas with her husband Kenneth.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 216