No Rest For A Heartbreaker

By Claire Chwalek
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Meet Cassidy Cahill and delve into the ups and downs of her relationships, friendships, and family throughout a portion of her life. She finds herself as she ages, learning many things about life and love. It is romantic in all the ways rom-coms can be, but it also diverts from the normal tropes, specifically destabilizing the idea of soulmates and fate/destiny. Readers can relate to the way she reacts to both every day occurrences and when life throws a curveball her way.

About the Author

Claire Chwalek lives with her dog, Archie, in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She was an English and theatre major in college, where she learned about acting, literature, and creative writing, which are all aspects of this book.

Claire enjoys reading novels and watching television and movies. She’s been writing this book since she was a senior in high school, editing certain portions to fit with the overall theme.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 1028