Intorqueo: A Collection Of Short Stories

By Steffen Harris Lettau
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From science-fiction to mythology, to even dreams, Intorqueo is a collection of short stories from the mind of Steffen Harris Lettau, highlighting his thoughts on many different subjects. This anthology is the opening of the author’s mind, inviting everyone to expand upon different perspectives of established concepts, as well as putting dreams to paper and giving them a larger concept and plot with unique characters.

About the Author

Steffen Harris Lettau was born in Kennewick, Washington, where he currently resides. He works as a material handler at Goodwill Industries, providing customer service and handling donations from the production area to the sales floor. Aside from that, he writes out short stories as well as a potential series, ranging from science fiction to fantasy. Lettau also listens to a wide range of music from different genres and eras, plays games, frequents the gym, delves into different aspects and areas of history. He loves animation and practices voice work as well as singing. He enjoys classic novels and films.

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Published: 2024
Page Count: 48