U-Fo: One Way Ticket To Oblivion

By Bob Doti
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Welcome to Project Blue Book: the Air Force’s Top Secret study of UFOs. This combination historical novel and science fiction story written by a scientist makes the unbelievable believable. The explanation of the cover-up encompasses the years from the inception of Project Blue Book in 1953 to its termination in 1969 with the Condon Report. One man lives with the guilt that his friend was “disappeared” by the government to continue the cover-up.

This novel is for both the skeptic how something like a cover-up is possible. For the true believer, it is a confirmation that they hold the true version of history. This book should encourage a discussion: Are we alone? Does the government have the proof? Does the cover-up continue to this day?

About the Author

Bob Doti is a chemist with a master’s degree in organic chemistry. He has worked as a research scientist for over thirty-two years and is now an adjunct professor at Ivy Tech. He is also a Meals on Wheels volunteer and currently working on a master’s degree in history. This is his first published novel.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 214