Traitors In The Gestapo

By J.H. Ahlin
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Traitors in the Gestapo, a compelling story of love and hate in Nazi Germany, tells the story of Jenz and Ezekiel, Jews who grow up in the dark shadow of the National Socialist Workers Party (Nazism) under Adolf Hitler. To help disguise his Jewish heritage, Jenz’s parents send him to Hitler Youth Camp in 1936. As life grows more harsh and restrictive for Jews in Germany in the late 1930’s, Jenz helps Ezekiel change his identity to Vitali Carapezza, which allows him entrance to the Technical University in Berlin. Jenz, because of his Aryan appearance, is “invited” to join the SS.

As both Jenz and Ezekiel grow appalled and sickened byt the treatment of Jews, they conceal their identities to become involved in secret work. Their actions, fraught with intrigue and danger, change the course of the war and thwart the Gestapo’s reign of terror.

About the Author

J.H. Ahlin is an accomplished author of two textbooks, over 50 research papers, and two novels. His first novel, Overrun, The Battle for Firebase 14, details some of his experiences in South Vietnam on the USS Kitty Hawk and near the DMZ as a U.S. Naval dentist in 1969. He has taught at School of Dental Medicine at both Tufts and Harvard University, for over 20 years. Dr. Ahlin has been a clinical dentist in Gloucester, Massachusetts for almost 50 years.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 334