The Year That Rocked

By Kathy O. Sullivan
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Chicago, 1979. Flynn is a Director on a network daytime TV talk-show. His buddy J.J. Watts is a Program Director at Chicago album-oriented rock radio station WQXA. The Year that Rocked takes you through their adventures in the Chicago rock music scene during that year. There are plenty of scenes about the sex, drugs and rock-and-roll going on. But at the heart of the story, it’s all about the music and the fun. It was an outlaw time for the faithful rockers. The Year that Rocked is a book of faction. You don’t know where the facts end and the fiction begins because so many of the events really happened. The themes cover how the music lifts you up. How going after your dreams brings you closer to your true self. And how having a true friend is more important than ever. Nineteen-seventy-nine was the end of the decade and the era of the 60s and 70s rock music explosion that brought us the music we still listen to today. The Year that Rocked is a valentine to the city of Chicago, bringing the city alive with the vitality that can only be found in the giant of the Midway. So get ready for a rock-and-roll ride through a year that distinguished an era and a lifestyle.

About the Author

Kathy O. Sullivan has written a book of poetry titled Just Passing Through, a collection of thirty-two poems about life and love. She also worked as an advertising copywriter for major agencies Foote, Cone & Belding in Chicago, and Young & Rubicam in San Francisco. She lived in LA and wrote a couple of screenplays and she had a stint as a disc jockey at rock radio station WRKR. She did the graveyard shift and was called the “Midnight Mama.” In 1979, the year the novel takes place, she lived in Chicago.


Published: 2020
Page Count: 238