The Viking Turks

By Cynthia Marie Stephens Lucas
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Following a brief interaction years prior, neither Alana nor Thor can forget each other. They each secretly dream of finding each other, though they do not know when it will happen.

When they finally find one another four years later, their obsession becomes reality. And what a wonderful reality they create together, joining in marriage and having many babies along the way.

Although Thor, as a Turkman, is supposed to be her enemy… and then her protector, Alana falls for him and protects and rescues him as often as he does her. They survive war, kidnapping, injury, rape, death, politics, and more by any means necessary. In the end Thor realizes that his beautiful wife is as much of a Viking Turk as he was. She had proven as much, and together they could face anything.

About the Author

A retired registered nurse, Cynthia Marie Stephens Lucas started to focus on her writing in late 2018. In addition to writing poetry, she enjoys photography. She loves animals and likes fishing. She loves her family, which includes being a grandmother. Lucas currently lives in Alabama. This is her first published book.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 180