The Scotsman

By Margaret Gray Pert
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As the threat of a takeover of the British Crown by the Puritan Leader, Oliver Cromwell, draws nearer, George Gray decides to leave home with his cousin to join King Charles II’s army despite his mother’s premonition that her son will never return home. George meets several men along the way who he bonds with as they all do everything they can to defeat the Puritan army and survive another day. However, when George and his friends are captured after the King’s Army is defeated in the Battle of Dunbar, Scotland, their future is uncertain. The men face many hardships as they are transported together, along with many other Scotsman, across land and sea, finally arriving in The New World. Follow George Gray through his story of indentured servitude and adjusting to a world much different from the one he grew up in.

About the Author

Author Margaret Gray Pert’s fascination with genealogy led her to trace her family back to a George Gray who was born on November 24, 1630 in Scotland. This story is a fictionalized version of her ancestor’s journey from Scotland to America.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 56