The Exchange

By Patrick Phair
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The American Bund, a thriving pro-German, pro-Nazi organization in the decades leading up to the Second World War is determined to create an Aryan-first society subjugating people of color, trade unions, Communists, and Jews. When America declares war on Germany, the American Bund as a visible organization disappears, but the loyal Bund members do not.

The Exchange highlights the friendship between two college students–James O’Malley, an Irishman, and Ulysses Higgins, a black man determined to make his way in the world–who are harassed and threatened by the local Bund and decide to make a change.

With timelines alternating between World War II and a modern-day college student learning about his family history, The Exchange explores exactly what it means to be a soldier, and more importantly, what it means to be human.

About the Author

Patrick Phair is a retired English teacher, city council member, and school board member. He is married to Mary Phair and is the parent of five children and ten grandchildren.

This is Phair's second book. Two Flags for Marco was published in 2021. Phair has also published poems, plays, and many articles.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 398