The Basin

By Lori Marie Murray
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Augusta knew she needed to get her sisters out of “Gold Fever” Hangtown, California and find a haven they could truly call home. She would do anything to give her younger sisters a better life, even travel alone to a new place, hide her identity as a girl, and work as a stable hand to build that better life with her own two hands. Little did fifteen-year-old Augusta know that danger, adventure, and even love was waiting for her in The Basin.

Long Bow and his young bride Willow must embark on a treacherous journey of their own if they want to be together. They must defy Willow's father, the chief of their Ute tribe, and cross the wild mountains and plains with their herd of ponies in search of a haven of their own.

Worlds collide when two Mestizo men, Buck and Will, and pistol packin' Aunt Dolores arrive. What will await them all in The Basin?

About the Author

Lori Marie Murray is a quilter, watercolor artist, and writer of historical fiction. She lives with her husband in Nevada City, California where her inspiration for writing this book began. Murray became fascinated with the history of the Mother Lode area and the California Gold Rush, leading her to write the exciting adventures of her characters in The Basin.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 212