More Than Free: Exposing The Lies Hidden In History

By James Jensen
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More Than Free: Exposing the Lies Hidden in History is a unique look at 4000 years of history through the eyes of the author’s family tree. This text builds the case for a new world view whose foundation is that of truth and morality never described in another publication. It shows us that our history is not what we’ve been taught and indoctrinated to believe. In fact, we are supposed to believe that we don’t know where we came from and who our ancient forefathers and mothers really were. People are hungry for the truth, and this book delivers plenty of it.

We have to ask ourselves why? Why was our history disconnected to anything that was taught to us in high school and college? What is the root cause of hiding and obfuscating our past? And who did these things? How did the settlement of Europe happen, and where did these people originate? Why did they migrate, and who expelled or chased them? How did America become the land of exceptional people with a unique and free perspective? Where did the idea of personal freedoms originate, and how did the people of America regather in this land? This book explores all of these questions, and upon exhaustive examination, research, and sagacity, a mind open to connecting the dots has found and documented the answers.

About the Author

James Jensen was born in Rapid city, South Dakota. He currently resides in Weatherford, Texas where he runs a small hay farm. He is also an archer, upland game hunter, a researcher, and a writer. Jensen has four children and eight grandchildren. He is retired from the practice of landscape architecture in a global engineering and environmental consulting business focusing on utility-scale electrical projects. Jensen achieved technical writing expertise in preparing dozens of Environmental Impact Statements and related public-review documents.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32