Ghost Town: Spooky Stories Of The Old West

By Richard Brent Reed
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The Old West has intrigued the imaginations of many over the years, drawing people in with the mystery and wonders of the wilderness, gun fights, and stories of heroes and villains. But there is more than meets the eye to the Old West: there is a wild magic that lives within the bones that make up the land. Ghost Town: Spooky Stories of the Old West takes the supernatural and places it into the heart of the Western. With tales of ghost towns, spells, mysterious and mystical women, and everything in between, the genre of the Supernatural Western is born.

About the Author

Richard Brent Reed has been a teacher and attorney with experience in acting, directing, and writing for the stage. He enjoys music, geology, history, horticulture, natural history, and paleontology.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 80