George And Russ: Soldiers, Husbands, Fathers, And Friends: A Gripping Story Based On Real Events During Wwii

By Mike Kerrison
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A captivating and moving exploration of two soldiers who put it all on the line to preserve our freedom – from the author of Landing On Your Feet.

Today we struggle to navigate an increasingly complex and dangerous world and to understand our place in it. We long for and value the same things – freedom, family, comfort, acceptance, and love. Love of self and love of humanity, despite the flaws. In this insightful and encouraging book, Mike Kerrison explains how two quartermaster soldiers, 1st Army, 4th Infantry, fought side by side during WWII to preserve and protect these cherished values.

Corporal George Kerrison and PFC Russ Kearney were only two soldiers amongst millions. Their story is personal. It belongs to them and was protected for nearly 80 years after they landed on Utah Beach on June 6th, 1944. Only by the courage of one man, do we have the story at all, which can now be shared and cherished by each of us. This story joins the multitudes of untold stories that we know are still out there. Kerrison captures the pure essence of these two men, their sacrifices and courage, and their commitment to their country, their families, and to each other.

With sensitivity and unflinching honesty that has won him legions of readers, Mike Kerrison explains the importance of keeping these stories alive before it’s too late. George and Russ at age twenty, entered one of the most deadly and terrifying wars our world has ever known. What they did for us is beyond our grasp of understanding and needs to be remembered, honored, and celebrated. As forthright as it is honest, as dreadful as it is joyful, George and Russ reveal our crying out for a better world while remembering those who fought to preserve it.

About the Author

Mike Kerrison is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and business consultant. His popular first book, Landing On Your Feet, was published in 2003 and his highly sought after third book, Breakaway Sales, will be published in the winter of 2023. After graduating from Ohio University, he started his career as a salesman with IBM. After that he started, built, and eventually sold three highly successful technology companies. He is also an expert in American History with his primary focus being the European Battles of WWII. He is a passionate American Patriot and has great respect and admiration for the US Military. His father, George Kerrison and his uncle, Russ Kearney are his two heroes and the focus of this book. He wrote their amazing story of their D-Day landing at Normandy, their terrifying battles across western Europe, their enduring friendship, and to honor their courage to preserve our liberty. He had two additional motivations for writing this story. First, was to fulfill a promise to the many members of his large, extended family. And second, to fulfill a promise to all Americans to preserve these stories of heroism and liberty before they are forgotten forever. He wanted the world to know what the “everyday soldier” was willing to sacrifice to protect and preserve our country and our world. Mike is happily married to his wife Andrea and has four children and nine grandchildren. He makes his home in Minnesota.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 294