Castle Of Gold

By Michael L. Slugoski
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Professor Karl Lubbeck, an expert in his field and renowned for his invention, a molecular transmitter. Debate continues amongst his financial backers. The military wish to use his device immediately; industry moguls view it as a threat to their monopolies. Professor Lubbeck has managed to keep one secret from his backers. His accidental discovery that not only can his device transport anything to any point on the globe, but also through time barriers accessing the past and future. 

A letter, by chance of fate, finds its way to Professor Lubbeck. The letter tells of a young woman who worked tirelessly serving the family of a German officer in war torn Poland. She worked solely to survive… she and her unborn child. 

Obsessed with finding this woman, Lubbeck engages the service of Retired Colonel John Bretton to go back in time to Nazi occupied Europe. Unbeknownst to the professor, the colonel himself has recently suffered a tragic loss, his wife and daughter. Tormented by guilt, he is resigned there is nothing anyone can offer him to work again. Professor Lubbeck, however, can offer him what no one else can. 

For the colonel and his soldiers equipped with modern weaponry, the mission should pose little problem. Betrayed by his own security, Professor Lubbeck’s role is compromised, forcing the colonel and his men to fight for their lives. 

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 232