When Your Heart Starts To Cry

By Kaye Karr
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Joseph Eugene Hoffman was born in a Detroit Hospital to a mother ill-equipped to take care of him. Her heart was not capable of the love he needed in order to thrive, due to her own life of hardships. And Joseph was born almost-knowing he was barely loved.

As a baby, he cried and cried and cried. His family dissolved when he was very young, and life only grew harder after his birth father made the decision to leave.

During his childhood though, he was given a second chance to have a loving family. Despite his new family having their own tumultuous quirks, he could always count on a loving father to support him… even as life’s obstacles continued to grow over time.

Will Joseph’s dark past always haunt him? Will he be able to find love and eventual happiness? Could his misfortunes eventually blossom into happily ever after or result in total devastation for his loved ones?

Based upon real facts and episodes, When Your Heart Starts to Cry invites readers into a relatable world about loss, family, and love.

About the Author

Kaye Karr lives in Michigan with her husband, Fred, and little dog, Lily. She found her passion for writing while working as an Executive Secretary at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, from which she eventually retired. She currently has two sons and five grandchildren.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 96