The Train Of Thought: Anomalies

By Richard Dardis
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The “Train of Thought” continues to travel, travel, travel, with the greatest and biggest personalities to ever inhabit our world. Scientists, painters, poets, criminals, presidents, and more, all traveling along, sharing ideas and stories, all unsure of how they got there. As Albert Einstein, Max Plank, Neils Bohr take on the challenge of uncovering the purpose of the train’s existence and uncover a whole host of philosophical quandaries along the way.

A blend of science fiction and historical fact, The Train of Thought weaves unique personalities together in a study of the global political and cultural atmosphere of our world through the last one hundred years and beyond and examines from a unique perspective the political strain particularly in the United States now based on the mistakes of the past.

About the Author

Richard Dardis would describe himself as somewhat of a loner. He has worked as a residential contractor for forty-five years. In his spare time, Dardis enjoys sports, mainly basketball, golf, and weight training; crosswords; and math puzzles and watching science and history shows.

Dardis has a stepson and two daughters and two grandchildren.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 186

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Susan Swift
The Train of Thought

Great book! Keep reading to understand where the author is taking you! I really enjoyed this book. Lots of fun facts and history too! Can’t wait see to see the next one!