The Dark Goddess

By Queen Zoaya Counts
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The Dark Goddess was inspired by the author’s love of snakes and her initiation in Voodoo. It is centered around the energy of the dark spirits and how they only want a chance to survive. She hopes to educate people and correct common misconceptions of Voodoo and its practices.

Much of this book springs from the author’s connections to Lilith and information that was revealed to her in a dream. Lilith and Adam were the first woman and man. Hopefully, the story revealed in this book will inspire the world to research the story of Lilith and to learn that our ancestors and where we came from plays a significant role in our daily life.

About the Author

Queen Zoaya Counts has been following her way of life of honoring the Ancestors and the Lwas for over seventeen years. She loves reading, writing, and studying all African traditional religions. She is a spiritual helper, though not a psychic, and performs consultations to help others. Counts has had several rites of passage in Voodoo and Palo Mayombe. She loves snakes, especially her pet, Kalfou.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 76