Soul Link: Love Across Lifetimes

By J.A. Nissinen
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The Tech man balances multiple universes, eras, and personalities, all the while building a life within the present. His multidimensional mind presents new opportunities and experiences that aren’t limited to just one lifetime, and he has contributed the world over many decades.

His relationship is deliberate, guided by spiritual wisdom, and he runs his marriage by using effective decisions, time management, and strong ability to adapt for the social well-being. He knows what his journey should be, and he never varies from his path of happiness and success. He maximizes the joys of this world while understanding this body is just one lifetime of many.

The Tech man is heard here, in his life review, as a spirit voice.

About the Author

Author of Anthology of Short Stories and The Spirit of Paavo, J.A. Nissinen enjoys being a writer and an author. She enjoys using her life experiences, including her whirlwind romance with her husband and growing family, as inspiration for her writing. Her passion for capturing life stories also extends beyond her family, forever documenting the lives of Gilliam County, Oregon. Additionally, her artwork has been published in the medical humanities journal Blood and Thunder.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 144