Sex, Lies, And Misadventures Of Friends

By J.M. Bruney
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Sex, Lies and Misadventures of Friends

Love is the basis of any relationship; family, romance, or friendship. Sometimes, relationships fizzle out, but love can be enough if both parties are willing to fight for it. Friendships help us shape ourselves and our personal growth. Sometimes, these friendships can evolve into meaningful romance. However, it is important to note that no relationship is perfect and perfect is defined by each person’s point-of-view. We all have our own love language and maintaining your language and your partner’s is important in a lasting relationship. Often, sex is a part of this love language, craved by both men and women. Sex, Lies, and Misadventures of Friends illustrates sexuality and tell women that their desires are perfectly normal. Let’s break the stigma and keep the conversation alive to remove women from society’s box of purity.

About the Author

J.M. Bruney was born on the beautiful Caribbean island of Dominica. At eight-years- old, she moved to Saint Croix, USVI where she eventually graduated from St. Croix Educational Complex. JB joined the US Army and served for ten years before she separated and continued her service as a government employee. In that time, she has earned multiple degrees in sociology, intelligence operations, finance, and project management. JB started writing when she was a child. Poems and songs first, but now she has evolved to writing novels and hopes to become a best-selling author.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 372