Seriously???: Collection Of Short Stories

By Dannetta Sherray Holmes-Hollins
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Ranging from mystery to cliffhangers to country folklore, Seriously??? is a collection of short stories to capture your mind and entertain. With never a dull moment, the author hopes to leave readers speechless and inspire budding writers to follow their dreams and put their creative ideas “on paper.”

About the Author

Dannetta Sherray Holmes-Hollins has several hobbies and special interests, including writing, singing, and traveling. Hollins also has a keen interest in music, meeting new people, world history, and giving back to her community by making donations to the less fortunate and other charitable organizations. Hollins is married and has two adult children through a blended family. Extended family includes, her mother, several brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and cousins—whom she loves dearly.

Published: 2023
Page Count: 46

Customer Reviews

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Book Rebel

Fantastic Read !!!
I pray that the author is working on book two because this book has left me speechless, yearning and wanting more. I am expecting a lot of great things from this writer. This was beyond excellent, definitely worth spreading the word!


Definitely a must read! Each short story will leave you with your jaws dropped and looking for more. Get this book. You won't be disappointed!

Angela Moore

I received my book and oh my goodness I finished it within the hour. It was such a refreshing read. Kept me turning to the next story. This is a MUST read. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC.


Great read

Vickie Adams
SERIOUSLY??? Is a best seller!

For someone who isn't fond of reading from the moment I opened the book and started reading I have not and did not put it down until I had finished All of the collection of short stories that will truly draw you in and leave you with your mouth open and a smile on your face in shock at the endings that you would not expect but most definitely ready to read the next story! Great job! great job! I think it's a Best Seller and when you're reading them your in the moment of what your reading! I can see these short stories being made into mini movie series can't wait for the next Book???