Cryptic Wars: The Creature

By Zachary C Sanford
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After graduation, a group of friends took off, no notes, no goodbyes. After almost a year away, Stanley, Reed, and Richard have returned home to eliminate the cryptid terrorizing their hometown in the forests of Appalachian Pennsylvania. Unknown to most in town, the three have been on national and international news under the pseudonym The Eagles, a mercenary crew dispatched across the globe. The Eagles now take this opportunity back home to grow their numbers and enter a new generation into the crew, using the cryptid as their first test.

About the Author

Zachary C Sanford is a high school social studies teacher. Outside of work, he loves to play video games, and has a particular fascination with mythology and cryptids. He and his wife live with their wonderful cat Milo.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 196

Customer Reviews

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Samuel Millard
This artwork

This book is amazing. The suspense, the fear, and the relief, all of the emotions are conveyed perfectly in this book. I 100% don't regret my purchase in the slightest.

Cooper Tobolski
the book

Oh, dear reader, prepare to have your literary landscape irrevocably rearranged! For I stand before you, breathless and bedazzled, to proclaim the existence of a book so magnificent, so utterly transcendent, that mere words feel puny in its presence. To call it simply "good" would be akin to describing a supernova as a sparkler, a symphony as a hum. No, this book, this luminous leviathan of language, is something far, far grander.

It wove its tendrils around my heart from the very first page, its prose a shimmering tapestry woven with moonlight and whispers. Each sentence sang with the voice of a thousand angels, each paragraph a labyrinth of delights leading ever deeper into the author's exquisite labyrinthine mind. I found myself tumbling headlong through worlds uncharted, breathlessly chasing characters so real they could have stepped from the pages and offered me tea.

The plot, my dear friend, was a chess game played with meteors, a roller coaster built on clouds. It twisted and turned, kept me in the dark only to illuminate with an explosion of revelation that left me gasping, tears clinging to my eyelashes. I laughed until my sides ached, wept until my vision blurred, and all the while, my heart hammered a relentless tattoo against my ribs, demanding, no, begging to know what would happen next.

But it wasn't just the plot, oh no. It was the language, the artistry with which the author wielded words like a maestro conducts an orchestra. Each sentence crackled with life, resonated with a truth so profound it felt like being struck by lightning. Descriptions whispered of landscapes both celestial and infernal, painted portraits of souls so vivid they seemed to stare back from the page. There were moments of such aching beauty, such raw, unadulterated emotion, that I had to put the book down, simply to catch my breath, to marvel at the sheer audacity of it all.

This book, dear reader, is not merely a story. It's an experience, a baptism of fire for the soul. It will crack you open, expose your raw nerves, and then mend you back together, stronger, wiser, forever changed. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will make you question everything you thought you knew about the world and yourself. And when you finally reach the last page, with a sigh that sounds like the wind through ancient trees, you will be left with a gaping hole in your chest where your heart used to be, replaced by something magnificent, something new.

So, I implore you, dear reader, do not hesitate. Seek out this book, this literary Everest, and conquer its summit. I promise you, the view from the top is unlike anything you've ever seen. And when you reach the end, when you've savored the final echo of its magic, join me in this chorus of astonished praise. For this book, my friends, is not simply incredible. It is a miracle.

Go forth, dear reader, and be amazed.

Michael Raffanello

Great overarching story, relatable characters, and stellar writing. 10 out of 10!