Cottonwood Farm: A Romance

By Dor'y Nicolas
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On a farm near a small town in southern Minnesota, Jonah and Mary live with the three youngest of their seven children. Kary, now seventeen, is smart, ambitious, and pretty, but not much for dating. That reserve is shaken when the older, handsome Jake is hired by her father to paint their house. Though they get off to a shaky start, resistance grows into interest, friendship, and finally a pure love based on trust, honesty, respect, and of course, physical attraction. Nevertheless, challenges arise, and they find themselves pulled in different directions. Are Kary and Jake destined to part as friends, or will they be able to rekindle the flame they once had? It all happens on Cottonwood Farm.

About the Author

 Dor'y Nicolas was born in Comfrey, MN, in 1946 and grew up on a farm with her eight siblings. She earned her BA in English from Mankato State University and a BA in Visual Arts from California State University in Sacramento. In Minnesota, she worked as a high school English teacher and then as an assistant editor with the Mankato Free Press. In 1971, she won first place in the Minnesota Associated Press Newswriting Contest in the Outstate Spot News category for a four-part series on the last big peace March in Washington, DC. 

Since moving to California, she has been a dancer, a quilter, and an artist, focusing on sculpture and ceramics. She has loved art and writing for as long as she has been old enough to do either.

Dor'y is the mother of a son and a daughter and currently lives in Stockton, CA.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 232

Customer Reviews

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Cottonwood Farm

I love this book! The story was very lively and kept your interest. It's a sweet love tale. I also really like the cover as it depicts an actual farm. Would love to read more from Dor'y in the future!

Minnesota Nice Story

I really enjoyed the setting….1960s Midwest farm country life was well portrayed. I highly the book. Even Oprah would like it. ?

Diane Deutsch
Cottonwood Farm

Really enjoyed this book! Fun read, brought memories of growing up on a farm near a small town. Hoping there will be a sequel or more books by this author coming up.

Young Love

This is a great book for young people. I plan to gift it to several high school students in my family.

Judy S

Great storytelling! The characters and their dialogue kept my attention throughout. The ending came too quickly for me though. I wanted it to continue. Hopefully there will be a sequel!