Boris And Elvira

By Sean Harewood
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Sean C. Harewood’s imagination brings together his daughter with his nieces and nephews in this adventure novel that contains an amalgamation of frightful, humorous, fantastic, and fun emotions and elements. This engaging fantasy tale develops around young adults with great responsibility in the future of their world, where together they encounter adventure, danger, love, and lots of laughter as they care for one another.

About the Author

As a young man, Sean C. Harewood was making waves in the banking industry. Then he had a brain tumor in 1999, and again in 2001. He was knocked down, but not knocked out. He was beaten and battered, but he was still able to cry whenever he saw the sick children at St. Jude’s Hospital. He had a college degree and was about to get his master’s degree when cancer struck. He fights every day to have another one so he can continue to speak about his friends and family. Kids need to keep reading. He believes that too much Facebook and Instagram are causing good books to go unnoticed.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 202