By William D. Michalek
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What happens when a case of industrial espionage goes terribly wrong? As two massive defense companies compete for a desperately needed high-profile contract worth billions, one of them decides to secretly hinder their competitors’ critical demonstration, resulting in an unexpected disaster.

Dogged by the quirky but brilliant FBI Special Agent Lena Forde, and her eternally handsome hacker partner Tim Chow, the slope starts slippery and only gets worse. Wealthy and powerful conspirators lawyer up and try to throw naïve software engineer Evan Williams under the proverbial bus.

Can the good guys win one against the powers that be? Can our intrepid but motley agents get to the bottom of the mystery before innocent lives are destroyed?

About the Author

William D. Michalek has worked in Defense Engineering for more than thirty years. He has published numerous nonfiction articles in technical trade magazines. ATLAS is his first novel.

Mister Michalek is a family man currently residing in Ventura County, CA.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 384