As We Laid Down To Sleep

By D.B. Sevener
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In 1920, in a rural mining community, a young twenty-three-year-old widow and her three small daughters are sent off to live with her deceased husband’s family. Once there and settled in, she and the daughters are found dead in the most heinous of ways. A hundred years later, a woman with the gift of psychometry purchases the home where the family was found. Soon she discovers a secret hiding spot and a journal containing tales from the dead.

As We Laid Down to Sleep… is a story of love and heartache, sin and murder, and a woman on a mission to find the truth.

About the Author

D.B. Sevener was born in rural Kentucky in 1955. She lived with her mother and older sister in extreme poverty, usually having nothing for light but a coal lamp. She grew up sitting on the porch with her mother, listening to her tell stories of her family.

Her life is very full – with a husband, three grown children, and seven grandchildren. She has an honorary daughter and two honorary grandchildren. She loves being with her family – they go sightseeing and for rides in the forest. They have parties and play games.

She is not mundane – she is an Eclectic. She is like her mama; she is a storyteller.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 174