A Tale That Needs To Be Told: Diary Of A Wayward Caseworker

By Lorraine J. Smith
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a fictional diary of the bureaucratic, outrageous, infuriating, hilarious work situations in the Welfare Department. The characters, clients, coworkers, and bosses tend to be bizarre, endearing, or irritating—rather like the TV series OFFICE, but stranger. It also touches on the futility of some bureaucratic innovations.

About the Author

Lorraine J. Smith is retired. She completed college late in life with a master’s in sociology and almost a second major in fine arts. She considers herself a painter, although has not done so lately. She is part of a local community band. She likes to garden and loves traveling. She has a son and granddaughter.

Photo taken 2018 during a trip where I stayed at Tree House in the Amazon. I was at a village when it started pouring and I was waiting out the rain when the villager handed me a baby tree sloth that he had rescued from the river.

I was thrilled.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 116