A Better Way 1

By Al Stanley
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If you met Art, you would think nothing ever bothered him. He was quiet and gave an aura of confidence. Underneath the persona was a self-imposed belief system of sadness. He hopes for a way out but doubts there is one. Through conversations with his psychiatrist, Dr. Lavry, Art shares his humiliation and heartache throughout the years, creating the belief system that paralyzes him. The sessions chronicle his life from high school to college to adulthood. Every step of the way, he is challenging his thought processes with peaks and valleys. Through patience and frustration, Art learns there truly is a way. A better way.

About the Author

Al Stanley is a financial professional living in Egg Harbor, New Jersey. He is married with two children, Tabitha and Tara, and he enjoys golf, computers, and reading. Mr. Stanley was inspired to write this book for anyone who has ever been or is living with someone who is depressed. He hopes to give understanding and courage to those battling through recovery.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 82