What Dreams Are Made Of: The Birth and Growth of a Family Business in America

By Larry H. Werthaiser and Melissa W. Hunter
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Going from the horrors of World War II in Europe to a rebirth in the USA, What Dreams Are Made Of: The Birth and Growth of a Family Business in America documents the history of a multi-generational family that merged together to form the successful business enterprise, Downlite. Proof of the American dream, the history of Downlite shows that with hard work, good education, and grit, it is possible to build a life for an extended family—which includes over 500 employees in four states—through successful business practices and dedication.

About the Author

Larry H. Werthaiser enjoys spending time with his family and working at his company. His education from the University of Cincinnati College and Xavier University Business School made it possible for him to join the family business and eventually create, with his partners, the successful enterprise known as Downlite.

Melissa W. Hunter, co-author and Werthaiser’s daughter, writes frequent articles for Kveller.com and LiteraryMama.com. She is also a contributing blogger to the Today Show’s parenting community. An accomplished writer, some of her short stories have been published in the Jewish Literary Journal and her novella, Through a Mirror Clear, is available for purchase on Amazon. She is currently working on a novel based on her grandmother’s experience as a Holocaust survivor.

When not writing, Hunter enjoys spending time with her two beautiful daughters, Lexie and Becca, and her husband Stefan.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 52